For over 230 years, l’école catholique has followed a tradition built on both excellence and innovation. Synonymous with quality education and superior academic achievement, l’école catholique holds Ontario’s highest graduation rate. Learn why seven out of ten parents choose l’école catholique.


This year, Ontario’s French-language catholic school boards officially celebrate their 20th birthday. Ever since Ontario’s first French-language catholic school opened its doors back in 1786, its history was enriched by several key moments, such as this special anniversary.

A 20th anniversary made special by 230 years of tradition, excellence and innovation.

Learn more about l’école catholique’s history through its timeline! This visual representation of its history, complete with dates and event descriptions, provides a great overview of how this institution captured the hearts of its communities.



L’école catholique is synonymous with academic excellence. That’s quite the added value!

Its graduation rate is Ontario’s highest, supporting the promise of superior academic achievement. Choosing a French-language catholic school is choosing success for your child. That’s why most parents choose l’école catholique!

Its positive school climate always ensures a warm welcome, which means your child will grow and learn in a respectful and inclusive environment.


In addition to helping their students learn 21st century skills, French-language catholic schools offer countless learning opportunities while promoting worldliness through an education supported by technology, centered on the student.

L’école catholique has many well-defined expectations for every one of its students, directly inspired by the Cadre de référence de l’élève catholique (the francophone equivalent of the Catholic School Graduation Expectations). This groundbreaking tool outlines students’ learning path not only in terms of knowledge and skills but also values and actions based on faith and reason.

With its welcoming atmosphere, modern classrooms and quality education, l’école catholique truly is synonymous with excellence and innovation.

Catholic School Graduate Expectations