L’École Catholique shines in ontario!

In the world of education, many schools stand out through their commitment, their reputation, their programs and several other accomplishments. We are proud to present L’École Catholique, a beacon of excellence in Ontario where every student is nurtured, encouraged and driven toward a bright future.

The importance of diversity in our schools

Cultural diversity plays a crucial role in students’ education.

Social initiatives and summer challenges

Last summer, we presented you with a series of environmental challenges. This time around, we are offering you challenges related to social initiatives.

L’École catholique: 25 years of smiles!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of L’École catholique, Ontario’s eight French-language Catholic school boards organized a host of activities for their students and staff. The celebration included a highly original contest that showcased some 4,500 creative smiles in schools distributed across the province!

Francophone diversity at L’École catholique

Did you know that French is spoken in 36 countries? This translates to more than 320 million people! No less than 93 million students have French as their language of instruction. Quite a number! It is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world.

The Christmas season at L’École catholique

As we begin Advent, we thought it would be interesting to look at how Christmas is celebrated at L’École catholique. This is a magical time of year for most little ones. In fact, many people, even those who no longer believe in Santa Claus, look forward to it. It is true! The Christmas holidays allow young and old persons alike to dream, gather and celebrate.

Staying safe online

Did you know that October is Cyber Security Awareness Month? Well, it is! So we’ve decided to mark the occasion with a short post on the subject. Because online security really matters!

Francophonie: at the heart of our lives

Given that we are an entirely Francophone entity located in Ontario, some people might think that we face countless difficulties every day. It is true that it’s not always easy living in French in a province with an Anglophone majority.

Unique and innovative teaching methods

The priority for L’École catholique is to provide students with all the tools they require for success. That is why we strive to provide education that is adapted to the particular needs of each student. As such, our schools offer diverse and innovative programs and services, and apply various teaching methods that allow students to reach their full potential.

Green initiatives and summer challenges

For those of you who are used to reading us, you may find this post a little different. With the school year coming to an end and summer having officially begun, we wanted to create a little something for you to have some family fun while upholding one of our core values: respecting the environment.

Catholicity at the heart of our schools

This article mainly focuses on our Christian values and their influence on our academic life. We hope you’ll enjoy reading this article!

Diversity, welcome and inclusion: our responsibility!

L’École catholique’s primary responsibility is, of course, education! But the well-being of its students is an essential factor in their success and development. This is why all …

It’s all new

Hello everyone!

Over the past two years, we’ve been less active than usual online, but there wasn’t much choice. This period, which was full of surprises for everyone, required …