In the world of education, many schools stand out through their commitment, their reputation, their programs and several other accomplishments. We are proud to present L’École Catholique, a beacon of excellence in Ontario where every student is nurtured, encouraged and driven toward a bright future.

A warm welcome for all

We strive to create a sense of belonging in our schools, where everyone is greeted with a smile. We firmly believe in the importance of offering an inclusive school environment, where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels valued. Our dedicated teaching team is committed to fostering acceptance and mutual respect, allowing students to thrive and express themselves freely.

Excellent school results

Academic results

Academic excellence is at the heart of our values. We are proud to report that our students consistently achieve outstanding academic results. Our experienced and dedicated teaching staff strive to provide a quality education, with an emphasis on deep subject understanding and core skill development.

Our teachers excel in a variety of fields, from languages and the arts to sports, sciences and mathematics. By encouraging creativity, intellectual curiosity and problem-solving, we prepare our students to successfully meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The highest graduation rate in Ontario

Our four- and five-year graduation rates are one of our greatest successes. Our schools have the highest graduation rate in Ontario! Seeing our students successfully take this crucial step in their lives is a source of pride and a great reward in its own right. This success is due to our commitment to each learner, our personalized approach to teaching and our ongoing support throughout each student’s school career, among other things.

We prepare our students to be active and responsible citizens, ready to make a positive contribution to society. Our alumni have gone on to become leaders in a variety of fields, and we are confident that our current graduates will follow the same path to success.

Our mission: excellence, well-being and innovation

L’École catholique’s social mission is based on three essential pillars: excellence, well-being and innovation.


Our quest for excellence knows no limits. We are constantly pushing the envelope of success. Whether it is classroom performance, extracurricular activities or personal development, we motivate our students to bring out their best.

We encourage our youth to cultivate core skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and effective communication. This multifaceted approach prepares them not only to succeed in the academic world, but in their own futures as well.

Excellence is part of L’École catholique’s DNA. That is why we are firmly committed to providing a first-class education that equips our students with the knowledge, confidence and vision to thrive in the different areas of their lives.


Well-being is an integral part of our daily commitment and a pillar of our mission. We believe that happy students who feel good in their environment learn better. We also recognize the essential role of personal fulfillment in their success.

Our schools provide a supportive environment for mental and physical health, with resources and programs dedicated to well-being. We encourage students to develop healthy lifestyle habits, express their emotions constructively and forge positive bonds with their peers.

Integrating well-being into our social mission is our commitment to shaping individuals who are not only academically competent, but also resilient, empathetic, and ready to face challenges with confidence. We are happy to support our youth in their quest for self-fulfillment, because we believe that education goes beyond what is learned in the classroom and also encompasses the holistic development of each individual.


Innovation is the beating heart of our educational approach, because we believe that it is the key to preparing our students to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our schools encourage creative thinking, bold exploration and searching for solutions to the complex challenges of our time. Young people’s ingenuity is stimulated through educational programs that incorporate innovative techniques such as project-based learning, cutting-edge technology and interdisciplinary collaboration.

By encouraging innovation, we help students become leaders in their respective fields and invite them to consider original ideas, take calculated risks and develop a solution-oriented mindset.

L’École catholique is a place where daring is celebrated and every student is encouraged to push the limits of their knowledge. Innovation is not just a buzzword, it is a fundamental value rooted in our educational mission.

L’École catholique embodies excellence for all. We take pride in providing a warm welcome as well as our outstanding academic results, graduation rate and social mission focused on excellence, well-being, and innovation. We firmly believe in a future where every student can succeed and make a positive contribution to society, and we are determined to make it happen. Join us in our quest for educational excellence, where every student shines bright like a star, by enrolling your child in one of our schools:

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